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Chevrolet Corvette C6 GPS module pictures
We often wonder whether it is wise to purchase a new Corvette with the GPS system built in from the factory. The main downfall we see is in how the GPS system itself will depreciate faster than the other components on the average Corvette. There is also a wide selection of aftermarket units that an electronics shop or a person knowledgeable with this type of installation would not have any trouble with.
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The way we are going to attack this discussion is to assume the new Corvette is going to be purchased with the factory GPS system, and that will leave open the option to install the newest GPS system at a later date when the new technology makes the factory unit in your Corvette obsolete. Three or four years from now your new Vette will still be cutting edge, but that will not necessarily be the case with certain quickly advancing electronics such as the GPS.
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As far as GPS units in general, we feel that they are a great investment for the traveler who is constantly heading to new destinations. GM is also known for standing behind these units. The GPS system was upgraded at some point after the 2005 model, and the new database upgrade was free of charge. The software upgrade was said to be a "2005 c6 Nav firmware upgrade - fixes FM static and play MP3s". Although, if the buyer chose to do the upgrade themselves there was a small shipping charge to deliver the CDs to your door. You can also still download (for free) the files (updates) and burn an ISO. The files and details can be found here at
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Note that if you order the 2LZ or 3LZ trim level and wanted the audio system (pictured above) with the 6 CD changer it will not be available with the GPS navigation option. There will instead be a single disc slot behind the screen.
2LZ & 3LZ trim level audio components:
  • AM/FM stereo with 6 disc in dash CD and MP3 playback
    seek and scan
    digital clock
    auto tone control
    Radio Data System
    automatic volume TheftLock
    auxiliary input jack Includes Bose premium 7 speaker system *
    Chevrolet Corvette GPS pics
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    Audio system components when GPS navigation is added:
    • AM/FM stereo with CD player
      MP3 playback and DVD-based touch-screen navigation
      digital clock
      auto-tone control
      Radio Data System (RDS)
      automatic volume
      6.5" LCD color display and voice recognition
      Includes (U65) Bose premium 7-speaker system (U3U) *

    * "The Bose seven-speaker sound system includes AudioPilot® noise compensation technology. A built-in microphone monitors the sound, and proprietary digital signal processing analyzes the unwanted noise. The system then automatically and continuously adjusts the music without your having to adjust the controls. The system compensates for speed-related and non-speed-related conditions such as an open top, road traffic or hard driving rain. In addition, Bose adaptive digital equalization automatically selects the proper equalization for top-up or top-down driving".
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    Anyhow, the Nav unit comes loaded with points of interest. Also, there is the voice-navigated mode. On the base Corvette models the sound insulation is excellent, but on the Z06 and ZR1 the sound deadening is lightened up and the interior noise level is higher in the cabin (just the way most Z06 and ZR1 owners like it). So, it is up to the buyer to decide whether they want to use the voice-navigation mode. You probably know how this works for you by comparing it with the luck you have navigating through voice activated computer prompts over the telephone. Some love it, and some don't. Personally we prefer to punch the information in manually.
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    Another super nice feature of the factory GPS navigation system is that it works with the Heads up Display system.
     Corvette heads up display picture
    Corvette Heads up Display picture
    Also, some have devised workarounds allowing the Navigation unit to be operated at any time, such as while driving. However, know that the lockouts are for your safety and were designed to avoid you being distracted at speed. However there is a Nav System mod for educational purposes only. - C6 Corvette Navigation Modification -
    Finally, the GM GPS navigation system is a good unit, and whether you want an aftermarket model installed, the factory unit, or no unit at all is a personal preference. For the record, we'll take the factory unit.
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    Super Tweaked 7" GPS + computer system in a Chevy Captiva video
    * This is not a standard Vette GPS, but an aftermarket custom system which could be installed in your car.
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